The Canterbury Cross


The Canterbury Cross

Maintaining Your Site

Web sites should not be static, they need to change to reflect alterations in your business and to keep the viewers coming back for more. When we build a new site, we include one year's maintenance in the initial fee. After that we will expect to charge you an annual fee based on discussion with you and factoring in how much work you will ask us to do. Your site can be altered by:

  • Sending changes to our support email address where they will be picked up and actioned by one of our technical team. This usually happens within 24 hours.
  • Using your administration site to update database information to change your site instantly
  • Using a Content Management system to directly alter the information on your site. You use a 'Word-like' editor on your desktop to see and change the text and images on your pages.

The system that you will use depends on your site and how it is supported. Most of our clients with complex sites use a mix of all three, employing our expertise when needed.

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