The Canterbury Cross


The Canterbury Cross

Talking to Your Customers

If you have an online shop, you'll acquire a customer list as people register to buy. We can arrange for you to have a bulk email system where you can send broadcast messages to your past customers. Messages can be personalised, each message is prepared individually and can contain, for example, the recipient's name - so you can address each message personally.

The mail you send comes from your own mail application, so there is nothing new to learn, and it can be formatted in whatever way suits you. The management system allows you to test your mail message so you can send a message and have it returned by the system so you can see what your customers will be seeing.

The system allows your customers to subscribe or unsubscribe to the message by returning to your website and changing their account details. Managing subscription in this way re-assures your customers that the mail is legitimate and not SPAM.


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