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The Canterbury Cross

Online Shops

We were in the forefront of developing online shops for our clients, having some of the earliest ones on the Internet. We've learnt a lot. If you wish to sell over the internet then we will surely have a solution for you.

For the viewer, our online shops provide:

  • Structured navigation — allowing products to be displayed in related groups. Index pages carry descriptive information about the group. There is no limit to the number of subgroups that can be displayed, and the navigation systems allow the viewer to find their way back up the tree with ease. Products can appear more than once on the site allowing sensible organisation.
  • Special offer pages and pricing.
  • Different product images — perhaps based on colour or allowing larger images to be displayed.
  • Shopping baskets — viewers can travel around the site making orders without having to register. Registration is made just before the point of sale, giving the user a login and password to return to the site later.
  • Good quality navigation — you can always go back to where you came from in an unsurprising way.
  • Paginated pages — where necessary long pages are automatically split into reasonably chunks.
  • Database search — look for products based on different criteria.
  • Secure payment options.
  • Login to the shop that's password controlled so they may return to make further purchases.
  • Emailed order acknowledgement.

For the client, we provide:

  • The site can be the shop or the shop can be part of a site.
  • An administration server where the shop can be content managed, its index pages and display groups changed, product information uploaded, and prices set using very simple-to-use web forms. Nothing clever or hard here, if you can use email — you can use our forms. Uploaded images are processed automatically — each generating several files of the right size so they can used directly on the web to reduce viewer download time.
  • Tailoring of our system to fit your requirements making it easy on you.
  • Integration where ever possible with your current in-house systems.
  • Choice of shipping methods, there are many different ways of handling shipping charges.
  • Simple-to-use order processing system.
  • The viewer's site is very search engine friendly and tools are provided to set keywords to attract people to the pages you want to sell from the most.


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