The Canterbury Cross


The Canterbury Cross

News & Events

Many of our clients wish to deliver news to their viewers. We provide a simple web form where a news item is broken down into a headline, an introductory paragraph, and the body of the item which may include an image. The form injects the item into a database, and we can then view that data in different ways. The viewer has a current news page that displays the last few news items using the date, headline and introduction. As time passes, and new items are added, an archive of past stories is established and these are displayed by year and month in a news archive section.

A similar system database driven system is used to store and display future events. The key feature is that the display page can maintain itself so when the date for the event passes, it disappears from the public listing.

Again we can take the basic systems and tailor them to fit your needs, perhaps adding new information fields to make your task easier.

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