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The Canterbury Cross

Handing Your Email

It may seem odd that we are discussing email when we are primarily involved in generating web sites. However, if you have a domain name, then it's a good idea to use the name in your email address because it provides an identity for you on the Internet. It's also free advertising for your web site, people will often try when they get email from

You'll probably have an email account already, and nothing needs to change. We can act as a mail forwarder for your domain name and send mail onto whatever mail account you are using now. It's then just a matter of changing your mail handling program to send mail from your domain, and that's it.

You'll benefit from our user controllable SPAM filtering system. Over 75% of the mail we process is SPAM, and we simply don't send it on. It's retained in a database for some days, so you can look at it and forward it on if you wish.

Many email configuration options are possible:

  • Normally we send mail addressed to onto a single mailbox.
  • Sometimes we filter some addresses for different people in your organisation to different mailboxes which can be hosted anywhere.
  • Sometimes we filter out all mail except that for designated addresses, each of whom can have different mailboxes hosted anywhere.
  • Sometimes we expand specific addresses, say, and send it onto the mailboxes of several people.

You don't have to have this system, some of our clients have their own mail server, and we use the DNS to arrange that mail is sent directly to that system. We can optionally act as a backup server so mail is not bounced when it is down.

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