The Canterbury Cross


The Canterbury Cross

Designing Your Site

Of course, we understand that you are often primarily concerned with what your web site should look like. You may have strong ideas, you may have no idea at all. Sometimes you will have letterheads or other graphical designs that you would like to refer to from the web site. We generally ask you to look on the Web to find sites that you like, and will then discuss your ideas to create a brief for our designers. It's a little chicken and egg, it helps at this stage to have an understanding of the eventual layout of the content of your site, so we can include the elements that you need in the design.

Our designers will then create some pages on the Web for you to look at and approve. We want to get the design right and provide space for growth because once the design has been fixed we will often undertake a lot of work that may have to be redone should you change your mind later. There is no commitment from you at this stage, we'll do a design and a demo site for free.

Once you've accepted the design, we'll get and flesh out the bones - making your web site. We'll ask you to provide content - images and text - in electronic form if possible. As standard, we provide a contact form to allow viewers to get in touch with you. The form contents are translated into an email message and sent on. Sites that install or display email addresses are an open invitation to people who send SPAM, your email address will be harvested and life will never be the same again.

We don't ask for payment until your site goes live, but once you've given us the go-ahead to proceed, we do assume that we have a contract to do the work.

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