The Canterbury Cross


The Canterbury Cross

Online Room Booking

If you are a hotel, B&B or guesthouse with a standard website and rely on central booking systems to provide online booking, then our Online Room Booking plug-in system is for you. We developed it for one of our clients, but it will plug simply into any web site, whether we run the site or not. When placed on your site, it can be made to look like your web pages, so it becomes part of your web site. We've found that bookings increase dramatically when you have bookings being made on your own site. The system provides:

  • Simple booking page to plug into your website that checks the availability of rooms for the party and allows them to book from whatever rooms are available. Typically we've found that viewers will 'book up' if presented with the option to do so.
  • Secure capture of credit card details, so you can put a deposit through your system, or not, as the case may be.
  • Web based management system that allows you to login, process orders, manage bookings and maintain availability for the booking system.
  • A HUGE amount of flexibility: you can make the system fit your booking needs completely. For example you can prevent bookings on a Sunday night unless a Saturday night booking is being made too; you can add pricing for children on extra portable beds added into a room. The list of possibilities are endless.


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