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Hall Place

Over the years since the Oysterband formed, I've followed my nose down musical moleholes and tried to relate to a love of CD Cover acoustic guitar, inspired by Davey Graham, Martin Carthy, Nic Jones and their like, with the headlong rush that is the Oysterband.

Naturally, many songs and ideas were stashed and eventually an opportunity to record a few of them coincided with an offer of studio time from Alaric Neville at Woodhouse Studios. Forty days later, it is finished, and ranges from the gently political of Sheepscar Beck to the grim reality of Two Crows; from optimism of Money and Love to bitter merriment of Raise me up. It contains lyrical contributions from Telfer and Jones and playing from Chop and Lee of the Oysterband, as well as Harry and Lou from Chumbawumba and other good musicans.

The album is largely acoustic and the mood is reflective.

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